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"Camas deserves better, and I intend to deliver. Now is the time to
elect transparent, accountable and effective leadership that honestly
represents the citizens and needs of our outstanding community..."

Leslie L. Lewallen


Better City Leadership

Camas deserves better leadership, and I intend to deliver.


Camasonians have the right to be meaningfully heard and to actively participate with City leadership to create a community we are all proud of today and for years to come.


As a City Council member, I am ready to step up and show that there is a better way to lead our community.  Now is the time to elect transparent, accountable and effective leadership that honestly represents the citizens and needs of our outstanding community.

Better Accountability to Citizens

City Hall has become captive to outside consultants who are significantly impacting the future of Camas without any accountability to the citizens.  


As your City Councilor, I'll fight to stop the "outsourcing" of City leadership and be accountable for making the best decisions for our community with your help.  


I am ready to protect our schools, our public safety, our local business community and our parks and environment – things we value as members of this special community.  All the while, holding myself and our City leadership accountable to the citizens of Camas.

Better Transparency on Decisions Affecting Camas

Restoring the public trust in City leadership is fundamental.  As a retired attorney, business owner, wife and mother of four, I am dedicated to preserving and protecting our incredible community for future generations by casting sunlight on the decision-making process that affects Camas residents.  


As City Councilmember, I will strive to create an open and transparent two-way communication between government and citizens, and never forget that I work for and answer to the citizens of Camas.  

Better Responsibility of Your Tax Dollars

I will never support expenditures that the taxpayers don't want or clearly understand.  $78 million dollar pool bonds and $24 million dollar land grabs behind closed doors can't continue. 


I will never approve of excessive spending on construction projects like an $8 million roundabout that have not been vetted and/or approved directly by the citizens.  


When Camas purchases land on the north side of Lacamas Lake or anywhere else, you have the right to expect that City leadership will demand and obtain such land at a fair and reasonable price.  

Better Legislation for a Better Tomorrow

Did you know that the most important zoning decisions affecting Camas are outsourced?  The Camas Municpal Code delegates that important responsibility to Clark County.  In fact, Clark County recently approved siting a drug and alcohol treatment center right next to Dorothy Fox Elementary, Harvest Church, a local park and residences.  That just doesn’t make sense.  We deserve better.  


I will work on revising the city code to ensure our most important land use decisions are made by people accountable to those affected by such decisions – Camas residents.  


New commercial waterfront developments for Camas and Washougal are quickly coming upon us.  We must ensure that our Code is comprehensive, up to date, and clearly written to effectively accommodate these complex commercial improvements while still preserving the greatness of our historic downtown and our highly valued local entrepreneurs.



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