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Ask Leslie- Unintended Consequences

Today's Question:

Sometimes, great intentions have unintended consequences. How do you deal with decisions you made but later realize didn’t work out as intended?

Leslie's Response:

We often learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. My campaign is founded on the principle of accountability. Accountability means we take ownership of failure as easily as we take credit for success. We do not pass the blame off on somebody else, or something else. We take responsibility, own up to it, and LEARN FROM IT. A big part of accountability is being receptive to feedback from others when things do not go as planned.

All constructive feedback is a gift - whether you want to hear the tough message or not. Good leaders accept the feedback for what it truly is meant to be, information to make the situation better for all impacted by the decision. I am a leader that accepts that feedback without being defensive, uses that feedback to be self-reflective or look at the problem with a different perspective, and seeks consensus from others on how to course correct decisions that need a new plan of action.

As a leader in Camas, I firmly believe Camasonians all have a common goal - to make Camas the best city it can be. I invite and accept constructive feedback from our citizens, it helps get us that much closer to realizing that common goal.

Thanks for the question. If you have a question, just send me a note at

- Leslie


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