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Leslie Shines Again in LWV Forum

Leslie showed once again why she is the CLEAR choice for Camas City Council in last night's League of Women Voters Candidate Forum on CVTV.

Leslie has been the leader in framing the issues most important to Camasonians since her decision to run for office in May. The first to dive deep on Lacamas Lake toxicity and the federal Clean Water Act violations facing our city. The first to demand an overhaul of Camas City Zoning and Use codes, to prevent another Detox facility from being placed next door to an elementary school. The first to seriously identify the Downtown Mill District as a potential alternative to Northshore development, and the first to propose an immediate plan to replace the Crown Park Pool with no bond or additional tax load to citizens.

Whether it's wasteful spending on bank buildings, roundabouts, or Legacy Lands- or demands for transparency, accountability, and efficacy from leaders, staff, and too many consultants- Leslie has led these discussions from the beginning, as a visit to her issues and video archive will confirm.

This short debate is just an introduction to the most on-the-record candidate Camas has ever had the opportunity to review. We invite you to dig on your own. Discover for yourself why voting for Leslie is the fastest way to making Camas the very BEST it can be.

Watch her segment, or the entire Camas debate below:


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