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Wait A Minute- Check Your Mailbox

Hey Camas. It’s Leslie Lewallen here and I just wanted to remind you that ballots will be arriving in your mailbox THIS weekend. Election day is right around the corner, and I need your support now more than ever.

Open your mail over the next few days, and you’ll find that I’ve sent you your own miniature version Leslie For Camas yard sign. When you’ve finished reading about my first 100 day Contract With Camas, I hope you’ll turn it over to see your new sign. I hope that you’ll put that sign in the front window of your home, or in the rear window of your car. I

hope that you’ll use that sign to let people know you support better transparency inside City Hall. That you expect better accountability from City management and staff. And that you demand more effective leadership from your Camas City Council.

Because Camas Deserves Better and I intend to deliver.

Show your support for our campaign by proudly displaying your miniature Leslie For Camas Yard Sign from now until election day. And visit our website at Remind your friends and family and neighbors why it's so important that they vote too. And together, let’s make Camas the very best it can be.

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