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Camas Deserves Better

Camas has had a lack of leadership and vision for years, with an inability to address the issues like the pollution in Lacamas Lake which have been lingering for decades without a solution. And what do our elected officials have to say?

“17 years on the council. You vote for us, I must be doing something right.” Melissa Smith

Or established companies leaving Camas for other cities, while drug detox centers locate right next to elementary schools. Is this the Camas you want to live in?

“We’ve been marketing our community for jobs, lack of vision to see some of these conflicts at the local residential level” Greg Anderson

And when long term officials can’t see the forest through the trees, not realizing that Camas is running on antiquated city service systems, are we stepping over dollars to pick up pennies?

“The city is running very lean, we’re using a Y2K accounting system. Former Mayor McDonald and Fox are trying to bring systems to better do our jobs.” Ellen Burton

And why does the city rely on so many highly paid consultants which drain the cities coffers, when we have a full city staff and elected officials that are fully capable of making decisions?

“For years we’ve (Council) tried to guess. We just need to establish a process and ask the experts to step in and advise the council to recommend decisions.” Steve Hogan

Why are our longtime elected officials guessing? because they’re not qualified to be in these positions.

And when the citizens of Camas begin asking questions of their elected officials, our officials shut down, go quiet, defer comment, or respond with:

“If you’re not happy, throw your hat in the ring and do something about it.” Shannon Roberts

Isn’t it time to bring a fresh perspective, access, action, and transparency to our city?

Elect Leslie Lewallan for Camas City Council Ward 3.

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