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Contract With Camas- Pool Replacement

Hey Camas. Leslie Lewallen here and I’m working hard to be your next City Councilor.

Last week, I told you about my first 100 day legislative agenda for the Camas City Council called my Contract With Camas. Three major initiatives before April 15th.

Today, I want to dive down on my first priority: REPLACING THE CROWN PARK POOL.

If I’m elected, I will write and offer to the City Council, legislative action to initiate the immediate planning, design, and construction of a new swimming pool and splash pad for Crown Park and the citizens of Camas-

It’s time to replace the one they dug out of the ground.

But this time, NO BOND will be needed.

NO Tax Increase for Fiscally Conscious Citizens.

No Blank Checks or by the Seat of Your Pants Plan.

No 78 million dollar price tag.

Instead, an affordable, scalable, COMPETITION swimming pool and splashpad to begin construction in the Spring of 2022, and ready for opening in Summer 2023.

Camas loved their Crown Park Pool. And they want another one. And the amount we can save by working with our neighbors who have already done it, makes this project something I’m proud to introduce.

Months ago, I traveled north to Selah, next door to Yakima, and the home of the Selah Aquatic Center. It’s a brand new, beautifully built, outdoor aquatic center- complete with an 8 lane competition pool, a lazy river with jetted flow, and a beach-like zero gravity splash pad.

First class architecture, incredible pool and outdoor deck complex, beautiful public and private locker rooms and changing areas, a great snack bar- and the Center of the Selah Community during the Summer, especially on Wednesday nights when the Town gathers and cheers at the weekly swim meet.

I recently met with two leaders of Selah who have been the driving forces in their own Selah Aquatic Center project since it was dreamed up years ago. Longtime Selah City Councilman Roger Bell, and Selah Park and Rec Service Area Secretary and Auditing Officer Heidi Herzog are great people who have been on the front row since Day 1.

These leaders have successfully navigated many problems with construction and funding, but also have the benefit of hindsight now. They have been happy to share many of those experiences with me. Budgets, timelines, design flaws- the things you need to know BEFORE you build a community aquatic center. .

Sharing information means it doesn’t have to be paid for twice. And with good help, we can build one just like Selah’s for around 7 million dollars. Not 70 million. 7 million.

If that’s what you want, then that’s what I’ll propose. We’ll send out an easy survey. Do you want a new pool? Do you want just a splashpad? Do you want the $7 million, 5 million, or 2 million dollar version? Do you want it here or do you want it there? The one you choose is the one we build. Smart. Efficient. Effective.

Camas needs a public pool. An affordable, scalable, low cost aquatic facility that doesn’t require a bond or additional tax load to Camas taxpayers. Camas deserves better. Let’s begin construction in 2022. And let’s celebrate its grand opening as soon as the summer of 23.

This is part of my Contract with Camas, but I need your vote. Camas Deserves Better and I’m already working with communities around Washington to make that happen.

Join me at, and together let's make Camas the very best it can be.

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