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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day!

My father always led by example. He worked hard. He put our immediate and extended family as a priority, and always taught my two sisters and myself that we could accomplish anything IF we worked hard enough. All three of us became attorneys. We were not taught that there was a “glass ceiling,” but rather given the support and encouragement to excel and succeed.

In middle school and high school, my dad would drive me to school every morning. Before exiting the car, he would always say the same thing: “study hard, get smart and be good!” I took those fatherly words and advice to heart and have tried my best to study hard, get smart and be good.

I studied hard to get top grades in high school, I studied hard at the University of Washington, and studied hard in law school. I chose the legal profession because there is always something new to learn – learning is a journey – not a destination.

I also worked hard and continue to work hard. No matter what I’m doing, I give every project my full attention and effort. I’ve engaged in community and civic groups for years. I worked as a page my freshman year of high school for the Washington State Legislature and then went onto on critical issues facing King County during college.

As an attorney, I continued my civic engagement, using my skills and education to help others. After retiring from law, I then focused on raising my four children and working hand-in-hand to empower a national and global team of over 6K women.

Whether as a student, an attorney, or a parent, I am always striving to be the best version of myself. My goal has always been to lead by example. From Sorority President, writing and publishing various law review articles, uplifting and empowering a global team of over 6K women to the thankless job of raising 4 children, my work is never done.

Now, when I drive my four children to school every day, I always make sure I remind them to “study hard, get smart and be good.” So while today is just Father's Day, it’s a good reminder that our kids are listening and watching all of the adults in their life. Leadership starts at the local level, and nothing is more local than family.

Here’s to all the fathers and father figures in our lives that have given the gift of leadership by example. Happy Father’s Day!

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