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Let's Engage- Face to Face

Despite all of the ways we have to communicate in today's digital world, I enjoy meeting my neighbors face-to-face the most. There is something about looking someone in their eyes and asking them what they need, what they'd like, and what they want to change. I appreciate the opportunity to do this every day of my campaign.

Too often, politicians engage their electorate only when they have to. In Camas, they seem to avoid engagement at all costs. But I consider it a privilege to represent you on the Camas City Council. And the only way I know to truly represent your voice in municipal government, is to meet you, talk to you, and listen to what you have to say- not just when I need your vote, but the entire time I serve you as your City Councilor.

I look forward to knocking on your door soon. If you'd like to schedule a visit, just call me and I'll be there. Because together, face-to-face, we can make Camas the very best it can be.

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