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Camas, WA — Lifelong Camas resident and business owner Jennifer Senescu announced her intention to run for Camas Mayor. Senescu grew up in Camas, graduated from Camas High School and holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Washington State University – Pullman.

“I am running for Camas Mayor to help restore the public’s faith in our city’s leadership, bring more living wage jobs to our community, maintain our treasured parks and protect our cherished Camas quality of life,” said Senescu. “I’m ready to provide strong leadership and honest, two-way communication as your Mayor.”

Senescu currently serves as Executive Director of the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce. She has been a partner in the ownership of Camas Gallery for the past eight years. She is married for twenty years to her husband Jim Senescu, a local attorney, and they have one child who attends Discovery High School in Camas.

“As Mayor of Camas, I’m committed to the ideal of reducing burdensome hurdles on local businesses. Citizens are rightfully demanding tax relief. We must prioritize spending while adequately funding public safety to keep our community safe,” said Jennifer. “As Mayor, I will never forget that I work for the citizens. I will never support something so unsustainable as a $78 million pool bond that would not only add a horrendous tax burden on our citizens but also have an adverse effect on our City’s financial stability,” added Jennifer.

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