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We Can't Wait Another Minute

"Wait a Minute!" That’s just what we all got during the pandemic—a minute to stop, reflect and take a closer look at things which may have normally gone under the radar.

Without the daily commute, social engagements, carpooling, baseball practices and dance recitals; without family or social obligations, we were all forced to slow down and wait a minute.

We were given an opportunity to reflect on our priorities, take a deeper look at our children’s education, or lack thereof, examine and debate “the science” and the actions or inaction of our elected officials.

I found myself saying: “wait a minute!” all too frequently. In particular, I found myself asking: “where is the transparency, accountability and leadership we deserve from our elected officials? Why are our leaders delegating our most sensitive and important decisions to consultants or third parties who have no citizen oversight or legal limitations?”

Camas deserves better! And we can do better. I will bring a level of transparency to the City Council that is long needed in our community. I will shine a spotlight on current actions and inactions that have created this imbalance. We must return the delegation of decision making back to the citizens and away from unelected officials with 3rd party agendas.

If elected, I promise to fight wasteful and ineffective leadership and be a strong voice for the citizens of Camas. Now is the time to restore public trust in our city government!

I can’t wait another minute. And neither can you! It’s time to step up and make YOUR voice heard and elect a transparent, accountable and effective leader. Join us now at Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, volunteer to join the Leslie For Camas Team. Together, we will make our Camas City Council the very BEST it can be!

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