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Primary Victory- Now On To The General

The Leslie for Camas Campaign is proud to announce our landslide primary victory and thank our entire team of volunteers, supporters, and voters for the incredible momentum they have established over the last few months.

Now, it's on to the General Election. We'll let you know new team assignments and schedules shortly, but for now- enjoy knowing that real change in Camas City Government is near. The results from last night's primary clearly indicate that Camasonians have simply had enough- and Leslie Lewallen will be trusted to return the voice of municipal government to its rightful owners.

"I am humbled and honored tonight," said Lewallen. "My campaign focused on real issues —facing the real people of Camas. I have personally knocked on at minimum 1,700 doors of my math is correct!
Camas has been clear. They are still angry about the pool, the detox center next to Dorothy Fox and our sick, polluted lake. But beyond those very hot issues...Camas is tired of their city government pretending to listen and not telling them the truth. They evade answers and skirt our sunshine laws.
It’s not right vs. left—but right vs. wrong. The citizens of Camas are smart and know what they want. They want transparency, accountability and effective leadership. The consultants, the “journalists” and the 10% keyboard warriors want us to believe differently. Abraham Lincoln said: “facts don’t lie.” Let’s start looking at the facts. Camas is ready for the truth—and I know they can handle it."

The campaign is fired up about spreading its message to all of Camas now, and we'll need your help to do just that. Stay tuned for details in our next newsletter. Make sure you have subscribed here on this webpage to receive future announcements.

Congratulations Leslie!

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