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Wait A Minute- Toxic Lakes

Memorial Day has passed and that means summer! Boating, swimming, kayaking, fishing and more. We here in the PNW love our great outdoors: the natural beauty, water, rivers streams and other recreational activities.

But wait a minute…there’s a problem. Lacamas Lake doesn’t meet state water quality standards. Notice the water quality “alert” sign behind me warning people that toxic algae is present and that the water it’s unsafe for people and pets. However, our children, pets and friends are playing in that water. Who’s responsible for enforcing these state water standards to ensure our water is safe for people and pets?

Shockingly, the city, county and state have known about this problem for years, and yet the problem hasn’t been fixed. Why not?

Camas deserves better! We need accountability NOW! We need to ensure our recreation areas are safe for our families, children and pets.

Accountability and effective leadership are the answer.

I can’t wait another minute for clean, safe water and neither can you!

Join me at and follow me on facebook and twitter to learn more about my fight to be YOUR voice for transparent, accountable and effective leadership. Together we will make Camas City Council the best it can be!


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