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Ask Leslie- We Need Realtors!

Today's Question

As you consider your vision for Camas’s neighborhoods, businesses, parks, and schools, how could you see Realtors and the real estate community being a partner in helping move that vision forward?

Leslie responds:

Realtors are the ultimate matchmakers. They work more diligently than anyone to find exactly the right buyer for each and every property. Realtors are the ones who understand the gems of Camas better than anyone. They comprehend the real selling features of our community at a molecular level. Their attention to these details are important informers to decision makers that must decide how to balance our growth. They also possess valuable insights and a vision for what may be possible in our communities.

I would like to partner with the real estate community on exploring the possibilities of partnering on a Level 2 or Level 3 Smart Growth grant where money could go to engage our community on land-use, growth or transportation issues impacting us today or tomorrow. It could be a collaborative effort with industry leaders, with broad community outreach that positively could impact growth or add to a greater public policy discussion.

I am well aware of the Realtors “Better Block” program that helps empower communities to revitalize or transform corridors within our communities. I know what those Better Block projects can mean for communities lucky enough to obtain one. I am supportive of working with the real estate community to explore opportunities for a Better Block project right here in Camas that is supported by a Smart Growth Action Grant provided by the Realtors.

Perhaps, working together on a Housing Opportunity or Placemaking grant might be a better opportunity for us to collaborate and would welcome industry-specific counsel and guidance on these opportunities. Regardless, Camasonian’s vision for tomorrow is not possible without the leadership and support of our local Realtors and I look forward to working with them to make our vision a reality.

Thanks for the question. If you have a question, just send me a note at

- Leslie


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